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TASO Volleyball Uniform Policy

TASO Volleyball Uniform Policy - Updated 7-14-2015
I.     The official uniform of the TASO " Volleyball Division shall be:
1. An all white collared short sleeved polo shirt with the TASO logo on the right side of the chest.  The shirt must be an authorized TASO volleyball shirt supplied by an authorized vendor.
2.  Jet black dress slacks with a plain black belt.
3.  Solid black athletic shoes (without any colored logo).
4.  Solid black socks (without visible logo).
5.  Black whistle with solid black lanyard.
6.  An approved American Flag shall be worn as designated by TASO-Volleyball. 
   (left sleeve, centered, 2 inches below the shoulder seam)
7. An all white, crew neck sweatshirt with the TASO logo on the right side of the chest may be worn in addition to the uniform shirt as described in #1.  The sweatshirt must be an authorized TASO volleyball sweatshirt supplied by an authorized vendor. 
8. Undershirt, if worn, should be solid white.
#1 The TASO-Volleyball official uniform shall be worn to all UIL, TAPPS and TGCA All-Star matches assigned by the chapter.  The uniform may not be worn outside these events.
#2 A pink whistle and pink lanyard may be worn during the month of October to support Breast Cancer Awareness.
#3 The sweatshirt is approved to be worn for additional warmth in cold gyms.  Sweatshirt may not be worn alone.  It must be worn over the uniform shirt.
#4 Uniform shirts must be tucked in.  Sweatshirt is not tucked in. 
#5 Pagers and cell phones are not part of the TASO-Volleyball uniform and shall not be worn.
II.   All Local Chapters:
 Volleyball Chapters may allow jet black dress shorts to be worn in non air-conditioned gyms only. The length of the shorts shall be from the mid-thigh to the top of the knee. No culottes, capri pants, or fleece sweat slacks/shorts are to be worn.  If shorts are worn, black shoes and black socks are still required.  After district play ends, no allowance is made for hot gyms.  All members must wear the standard jet black dress slacks. 
  Members found in violation of the official uniform policy will be penalized as follows:
  1st Offense:  Warning
  2nd Offense:   $5 Fine
  3rd Offense:   $25 Fine
 For subsequent violation the member will be considered a member not in good standing.
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