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TASO, the UIL, and TAPPS are all in agreement on the following:

It is clear that the transition to the solid-colored uniform top has caused some confusion with coaches and officials. 

Following is guidance:


If a solid-colored uniform top is composed of two different fabrics, the colors should be the same.  There should be no difference in the color.  If the top is obviously different colors, it is not compliant.

If the official is uncertain about an insert, panel, or trim being compliant, they should follow the 1 inch rule. 

Sublimation vs functional seam .... Do not over-scrutinize the uniform.   Sublimated uniforms could appear to have thin line piping that would be acceptable. 

Any uniform top worn by the libero must be contrasting.

All solid-colored uniform tops must be COMPLIANT by August 31.  There will be no waivers or allowances after that date.  



While we expect varsity compliance " the solid-colored uniform will not be required at the sub-varsity level for this year. 


Please review the document below.

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